Why Your Firm’s Marketing is Not Working

Despite consistent recognition of the problem, many CPA and other professional service firms continue to struggle with finding efficient and effective ways to develop new business.

Many firms continue to make the same mistakes and missteps over and over again. If your firm struggles with new business development, there’s a good chance your marketing efforts simply aren’t up to the task.

Here are five basic marketing mistakes CPA firms often make that can undermine their ability to successfully find and land new business:

1. Lack of critical skills

While it may surprise some, many accounting firms simple have the wrong people in charge of marketing. Senior management status or industry expertise doesn’t necessarily make someone a good choice for handling marketing chores. In today’s highly digitized, online world, effective marketing requires a broader skill set than was necessary just a few years ago.

In addition to traditional skills such as copywriting and media management, there are newer, web-based skills such as web analytics, social media usage, and search engine optimization (SEO) that have become key marketing tools. Even when some firms hire the right people with the right skill set, they overburden them with tasks and responsibilities that make it difficult for even the best talent to perform well.

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