More Google Search Algorithm Ranking Shuffling On October 4…

Google Algorithm Update

The Google search results don’t seem to be settling down at all, at least not over the past five weeks or so. I am seeing more chatter and signals that there was another search ranking algorithm update, probably a smaller one, yesterday. Many of the automated tools are showing signs and I am also seeing some chatter.

Some are suggesting this may be a tweak to the Google Birthday Update from September 27th. As I said, the past five weeks or so were pretty active, here is our coverage of just Google updates over the past five weeks or so:

The ongoing WebmasterWorld has some chatter spiking back up again. Here are some of the comments:

And .. the last Sept27 update rolled back .. or some tweaks happened .

We are seeing results back to pre- September 27 data set this morning also. Odd.

Looks like the SERP sensors are up again…

Anyone seeing any movement?

Here are the tracking tools:


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Advanced Web Rankings:

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So it seems somewhat small, it may be a small tweak to the last update or it may be just a hiccup? What do you all think?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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