Mom Cartoons by Helene the Illustrator

Every so often, you stumble upon something that speaks to you on such a personal level, you wonder how it could even exist outside of your own brain.

For me and — I imagine — most newish moms out there, Helene Weston’s illustrations do just that. The British mother of a 4-year-old daughter doodles about modern-day parenting on her Instagram account, and the resulting cartoons are so accurate, it’s as if she got access to our nanny cams and Google search history and has been stalking us for material.

“Every single day I experience something as a parent that makes me wonder, ‘Surely this can’t just be happening to me?!'”

“I get my ideas from my everyday life,” she told POPSUGAR. “Every single day I experience something as a parent that makes me wonder, ‘Surely this can’t just be happening to me?!'”

Her illustrations, which she had been doing long before she became pregnant, cover all aspects of her “new life” as a parent in today’s modern, often isolating world. From meeting (and avoiding) potential mom friends to comparing kids’ milestones and the stresses that come with posting even the most benign comment to social media, she touches on topics we don’t even discuss with our closest confidantes.

And her posts have quickly been shared among the parenting community, some getting polarizing responses from her followers.

“The illustration that has received the biggest attention is the one of the mom having a snooze while her kid watches [British children’s television channel] CBeebies, which is literally how I have survived the past four years,” she told us. “The comments make me laugh. One woman was having a panic attack that the child in the picture might be at risk while her mom closed her eyes for five minutes! Seriously?! These kind of women are the reason we all have such mom guilt, and quite frankly need to chill the frog out.”

Generally, though, she hopes her art is relatable and gives viewers a chuckle.

“Parenting is so tough, the toughest thing I’ve ever done, in fact, both mentally and physically! The strange thing is we all know it’s bloody hard, really lonely at times, and completely overwhelming most of the time, yet nobody wants to admit it. I hate that some moms make others feel like they’re not good enough. For f*ck’s sake, you grew a whole human being inside your own body, gave birth, and are keeping it alive every single day! You’re bloody amazing!” she said.

Read on for her most popular cartoons so far.

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