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Google Search is one of the sections that is extremely personal to a user and varies from account to account. It looks like the search giant is not happy with this as it is making search results even more personal by showing top website results based on your browsing history.

This feature has not yet reached all the users across the globe but for those who have received this feature, it might make life a bit simpler for them. As mentioned by Android Police, on searching for keywords in the Google search bar, it now shows a ‘Relevant history’ section above the rest of the results. The section shows three most relevant pages, taking them out form your browsing history.

It also says that these results are not public and are only visible by you. The text just below the ‘Relevant history’ duly mentions ‘Only you can see these’.

This feature has been spotted on Android for now and is being said to be a server-side update. This means updating the app from the Play Store may not necessarily bring this onboard.

Although this move by Google seems really useful, it may also spook some users if it is accessing your browsing history or not. It has been explained that the websites you visit are already registered I the history section and Google algorithms are surfacing the websites from there. We are yet to see it rolling out to more users.

Google was recently also reported to be testing a ‘new’ search bar on desktops. The search bar is spotted with a new ‘pill-shaped’ design along with a flatter look with light outlines and without any shadows. It will also stay on top of the screen even if you scroll down through the results. This includes the Google logo, the pill-shaped search bar and the account avatar.

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