Google Search Algorithm Updates Impact All Sites

Google’s John Mueller said that most Google Search algorithm updates will have an impact on every site, even if the site did not see any ranking changes. John said on Twitter “our algorithms generally affect all sites in the search results, though not all of them might see changes in how they’re shown in search.”

The example given by John is when “a complicated calculation might end up with a 0 as a result.” Thus that site was impacted by the calculation resulted in a zero and thus didn’t move things too much.

But yes, when Google does these algorithm updates, all sites should be impacted but many sites won’t see an impact directly in the search results.

In fact, in most cases, Google says most sites do not see any changes or notice and fluctuations.

Here is John’s tweet:

Yea, so this isn’t super helpful but a nice tidbit in general to have.

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