Google AdWords Requires All Accounts to Use Parallel Tracki…

Google AdWords Requires All Accounts to Use Parallel Tracking, As of October 2018
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Google AdWords introduced parallel tracking earlier this year as a way to improve mobile site speed, and all accounts will be required to use it as of October 30th.

Parallel tracking improves mobile speed by processing click measurement in the background while a page loads. This results in pages loading several seconds faster.

As part of Google’s commitment to speeding up the web, the company is making parallel tracking a requirement for all AdWords accounts. Users can opt-in from the account-level settings page in the “Tracking” section.

Google also advises AdWords users to ensure their click measurement providers are ready for this change, as doing so will prevent any disruptions.

In addition Google furthering its commitment to page speed, the company is also introducing several AdWords changes to improve security.

Starting the week of June 11, Google AdWords will automatically redirect HTTP search ad clicks to HTTPS when it’s known that the site prefers HTTPS.

In the next few weeks, AdWords will warn advertisers when they’re using less secure HTTP addresses for landing pages. Advertisers will be able to update landing page URLs from HTTP to HTTPS without resetting performance statistics.

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