Assessing the capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS

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As VMware Cloud on AWS goes live across Asia Pacific, new features of the fifth major release of the platform have been revealed.

Such benefits involve a reduced cost of entry for smaller production workloads; accelerating the migration of applications without any adjustment, change or downtime; and addressing key challenges in enterprise application licensing.

VMware has reduced the entry price for VMware Cloud on AWS by 50 per cent along with offering a smaller three-host minimum SDDC configuration as a starting point for production workloads.

For a limited time, VMware will offer the three-host for the same cost as a two-host configuration – previously the smallest option for customers was a four-host cluster.

With new custom CPU core count capabilities, customers will be able to specify just the number of CPU cores they need, reducing the cost of running mission-critical applications that are licensed per CPU core.

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